A Personalised Buffet

Create a buffet fit for royalty - mix-and-match a minimum of 5 options per person from the packages below.

£1.75 (per option)

Crudities & Dips Cucumber, peppers & carrots served with mayonnaise

Mixed Bistro Salad
Mixed leaf salad, cherry tomatoes, peppers & red onion

Mediterranean Cous Cous
Peppers, cucumber & tomatoes infused with
olive oil

Nachos & Dips
Tortillas with salsa & guacamole dips

Potato & Spring
Onion Salad
New potatoes, spring onions & mayonnaise

Tomato & Basil
Pasta Salad
Pasta with a tomato
sauce & fresh basil

A selection of fresh sandwiches including a meat, fish & vegetarian choice

£2.00 (per option)

Pork Pies
Traditional crusty mini pies

Sticky Sesame Sausages
Served in a BBQ sauce & topped with sesame seeds

Chicken Goujons
Breaded chicken served hot

Vegetable Spring Rolls
Onion, carrot & bean sprouts wrapped in Chinese pastry

Mini Savoury Scotch Eggs
Breaded sausage meat with boiled egg

Skinny Fries
Served hot with tomato ketchup

Onion Bhajis
Deep fried onions & spices

Sausage Rolls
Crusty pastry stuffed with sausage meat

Classic Lorraine Quiche
Eggs, streaky bacon & cheese on a crusty base

£2.50 (per option)

Sticky Chicken Wings
Hot & sticky wings in a BBQ sauce

Chicken Satay
Chicken skewers served warm in satay sauce

Vegetable Samosas
Onion, carrot, potato & peas with spices wrapped in pastry

Falafel & Houmous
Chickpeas, onions & garlic

Deep fried fresh whitebait served tartar sauce & lemon

Fish Goujons
Battered fish served with mayonnaise

£3.00 (per option)

Crispy Duck Spring Rolls
Duck breast, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage in a thin pastry

Breaded scampi served with tartar sauce

Sweet Potato Fries
Crispy fried sweet potato

Salmon Bites
Breaded fried tasty salmon pieces

Goats Cheese Lattice
Puff pastry with a goats cheese filling

Breaded Brie
Deep fried bites of brie served with cranberry sauce

Jalapeno & Red Pepper Sticks
Stuffed mozzarella with spicy jalapeno & red pepper

£5.00 (per head)

Mini Desserts - Selection of macaroons, eclairs & fruit tarts

Please note - To ensure there is enough food for your event a minimum of 5 options per head is required. Once you have decided on the perfect buffet for your occasion, we ask guests order at least 10 of each of your chosen options. A deposit is required to secure your booking.

For a full quotation or for more information please get in touch.

Options are subject to availability and menus are subject to change.
Allergen information available on request.

Download our Buffet Menu.